Friday, December 26, 2008

Creational Intent and the Future of Creation

I recently discovered the phrase "creational intent." [Yes, I know it's been around for some time, and I'm behind the curve. Wanna make something of of it?"] A search on Google showed me that it is used in several specific theological contexts, but I'm interested in it as it addresses the matter of God's intent in creating the cosmos (the heavens, the earth, and the contents thereof) in relation to the destiny of the same. I have thought about aspects of that, though not in-depth, for years; now I have a shorthand way of referring to it. Stated briefly, what I have wondered is whether God created and populated the earth, only to blow it to smithereens at some time future to us and sweep some of that population (past and, at the time of the blast, present) away as incorporeal beings to a place called "heaven," where they will dwell forever. The thing that doesn't quite make sense to me is that God would create and organize a corporeal world in the first place, if his ultimate goal was to create a community of "spirit beings" to spend eternity with. I'm becoming aware of a body of literature that deals, directly and indirectly, with this notion of creational intent and the future of the created order. My intent is to read some of those writings as I study the biblical story, seeking the light that they can shed upon one another. Let's see where this goes!

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